Who uploads notes to the UniNote sharing community?

All of the notes are uploaded by other high achieving students within the association.

How are the notes checked?

We have a detailed process that our team goes through to approve every set of notes uploaded. Our community also has the opportunity to review the notes and flag any notes they feel are inappropriate.

Can I look at the notes before downloading them?

The uploaders are required to make a JPG image of the notes and upload it to the platform so you can see an example of the notes. Furthermore, uploaders are encouraged to write a short description of the notes they are uploading, so that you can understand what the notes include before you download.

How do I upload my notes?

Once you have registered an account click on “Upload Notes” in the top right-hand corner. This will take you the note uploader area, where there are simple instructions that will help you upload your notes.

What can/can’t I upload?

We allow various types of content to be uploaded to the UniNote sharing community, such as; revision notes, lecture notes, extra research notes, study guides, topic summaries and problem solutions. Nevertheless, we prohibit all copyrighted content, including but not limited to; lecture slides, past exams, assignment questions, documents created by lecturers, published journals, published articles and published books in digital form.

What sort of rewards can I get for uploading my notes?

The amount and types of rewards you can gain for uploading your notes can change on a monthly basis. There is a total amount of rewards that can be earned every month, which are shown in the rewards pot on the monthly rewards page.

How do I collect my rewards?

To collect your rewards you must keep track of your monthly uploads and contact us when you reach a milestone.

Still need help?

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